Course Description

  • This 45-hour post license course examines brokerage relationships in Florida, focuses on updates of Florida real estate law and gives an overview of other federal and state laws affecting real estate. 
  • It explores ethics, social media trends and how social media can be used to enhance a real estate business. 
  • The course reviews property valuation and types of contracts are discussed.
  • The financing modules delve into types of alternative financing and students will learn how to analyze real estate investment opportunities. 
  • The final module in this course covers professional property management, with lessons about leases, qualifying tenants, lease negotiations, required disclosures, and tenant relations.

Students will explore 
  • marketing, 
  • online advertising, 
  • social media trends, 
  • blogging and
  • how social media can be used to enhance a real estate business.

The course examines property valuation with an overview of 
  • value characteristics, 
  • appraisal methods, 
  • comparative market analysis, 
  • depreciation, and 
  • the forces driving the real estate market.

 Modules 6 and 7 address listing and marketing property, property disclosures, and representing buyers. 

Types of contracts are discusses along with the differences between the FAR/BAR contract and the AS-IS contract. 

The financing modules delve into types of alternative financing, types of mortgages, the loan process, amortizations, private mortgage insurance, and FHA and vA loans. 

Then the sections on the closing process examine 
  • title insurance, 
  • escrow, 
  • the role of the licensee at the closing, 
  • estimating closing costs, 
  • common expenses, 
  • required disclosures, 
  • documents, 
  • proration of expenses, and 
  • the HUD-1 settlement Statement. 

Students will learn how to analyze 
  • real estate investment opportunities, 
  • discuss sources of investment capital,
  •  explain short sales and foreclosures, and 
  • describe the benefit of a 1031 exchange. 

The final module in this course covers
  •  professional property management, 
  • with lessons about leases,
  •  qualifying tenants, 
  • lease negotiations,
  •  required disclosures, and 
  • tenant relations.

  • 1: Brokerage Relationships and License Law Updated
  • 2: Federal and Florida State Laws Affecting Real Estate
  • 3: Real Estate Ethics, Education, and Planning
  • 4: Information Technology
  • 5: Valuing Residential Property
  • 6: Listing Real Property
  • 7: Working with Buyers
  • 8: Sales Contracts
  • 9: Exploring Mortgage Alternatives
  • 10: Acquiring Financing for the Property
  • 11: The Closing Process
  • 12: The Closing Statement
  • 13: Analyzing Real Estate Investments
  • 14: Professional Property Management

  • There are quizzes with 10 questions but they aren’t mandatory, so the student can move on to the next lesson upon failing the max number of quiz attempts.

  • There are 2 final exams of 100 questions each but student only takes 1 exam. Student has 1.8 minutes to complete each question on the exam. Questions are randomized.

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